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˭ԧӻا ʹżŧŤ

 ˭ԧӻا ʹżŧŤ

˭ԧӻا اԵ ʹŹش ŧ㹤 ش·ءѹ ΌѺº ŤШ

 ͧ ͧ ͧ ˹ҵҹѡ ʹ ! ..ؤʹŷѡТǡ硫ѹ駹 ʹŷҨоѡѹ ˭ԧ˹ҵҹѡ Դҹ觷ͷӹ ѡ¤蹪ͺŤѤΌѺѹº 价ӤѡѺ "˭ԧӻا اԵ" ʹż͹ѡ¡ѹ´աҨ..

  Ѻѵ ˭ԧӻا اԵ ˭ԧФ ͨԧѵûЪҪ ª ФͧѾ 繤ѧѴä չ ͧ "͡ ˹ ѡҤ" ͹鹪蹪ͺءҧҡ 駡觵Ѳ ǹôԹԵͧ͹ҹШ ѡԺش¹ҹһ㹪ԵШѹ ẺԹԹͧش ҧѹҹҡҫ¾ Ѻ͡ ǹѹ˹͡ҡҹ͡͡㨪ͺ 駪ش»ء º ѹ˹ͧ仧ҹ˭ ͧ͡çͧẺѴ¹ ЪشẺش

  ˭ԧӻا اԵ ͡ 繤ͺ ѡЫ¡ ѡѡͼТ ҫ ´¤ ҵѴ繪شա ҡ͡ش·͵Ѵ ءѹ ִ֡ѴѺҧ ͧҧá͹ ͡ѡɳШӵ ѧ͡աҼҫ¡ŧؤҧ Դ ҧȡŤʵʷҹ ͡ҫ¡ҧù ǹ Ҷѡ¼ҡѺؤ 駹


  ǹѨغѹ ˭ԧӻا اԵ ͡ ͷҪվѴ͡ Шˡʵ ǹ觵Ǫش ͹ ǡѹ觴¹ ҧѴ͡仴¡ѹ Ƿ觹鹡ҡҡѧ ѧèҡ觪ش ͧ繡 繤ͺǹҡ
          ʹŷѡչФ 仪Ҿͧ ˭ԧӻا اԵ ѺҹҪش¡ѹ´ա

ҧԧ Ƿ Ǩҡkapook



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